Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Dark Side of Teaching

I'm in the midst of marking group assignments. It's a bit of a pain because none of them are the same. I need to give grades based on the process rather than the actual numbers, so I can't just go tick, tick, tick. I've spent 6+ hours already and am not done with part 1A (worth 19%). At least there are only 50 assignments to mark -- if I had made it an individual assignment I would have 150.

So there's a trade-off here. The more realistic the assignment the more students will get out of it, and the harder it will be to mark.

Anyways, just needed to get that rant off my chest. Back to the grindstone....


Blogger Karen said...

Finally finished -- 10pm Thursday nite. I think the marking took 20 hours all up. Whew!! Time for a break.

10:19 pm  

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