Monday, July 31, 2006

Research Semester

Well, teaching is done -- had to mark deferred exams last week (50 of them) -- and now it's time to get stuck into my research.

So, what am I working on this semester?

Project 1: Disclosure -- do the recent changes to disclosure requirements for investments make any difference? Do consumers understand the new "Product Disclosure Statements"? And, do they make any difference to the quantity of funds invested.

Project 2: Clean up the papers from my PhD and get them published.

Plus a few ideas for new projects on the horizon: tax motivated share buybacks, tax-effective managed funds, tax-deferred savings v. accelerated mortgage payments under Australian tax rules.

And supervising research students: one honours student and 1/2 masters student (jointly supervised).

Finally, just to inject a bit of humor into this blog -- check out this story from The Onion: Professor Pressured To Sleep With Student For Good Course Evaluation.


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