Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Water and Politics

I have to say I agree with this point from Online Opinion:

Plebiscite plethora adds up to democratic deficit
....The reality is that most Australians probably already drink recycled sewage to a greater or lesser degree. Turnbull himself has made the point that Adelaide's Murray-derived water probably passes through many a kidney before reaching the kitchen tap.

Carving up small issues like this and having the public vote on them just ensures that the policies that are enacted are not part of a cohesive package. Every atom/molecule on the surface of the planet has probably been through some animal's gut at some time or another. The key is to make sure that the organic molecules have been broken down into their safe components. After all, H2O is H2O.

UPDATE: Water vote will ripple across Australia


Anonymous John C said...

The problem with the recycled sewage plant proposed for Toowoomba is that it just would not work.

It is not possible to produce 11,000 ML of recycled water from 8,000 ML of sewage. Toowoomba City Council also had nowhere for the RO waste stream to go. Acland Coal did not want it. Singapore pumps its RO waste stream into the sea.

The plant could never have been built for $68 million - closer to $150-200 million would be more accurate when you take into account the hundreds of acres of evaporation ponds required which were not included in the budget.

Regardless of your view on recycled water use, the no vote in Toowoomba was correct because the proposal was a dud.

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