Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Hit!

I'm one of five researchers on a project that has just been funded by the Australian Research Council:

Title: Superannuation Funds: Ensuring the Financial Health of Australians in Retirement (DP0773662)
Scheme: Discovery Projects
ARC funding: $349,000 over three years
Superannuation is relevant to all Australians, providing a foundation for their lifestyle in retirement. The protection and enhancement of superannuation savings have been high priorities of both government and regulatory agencies. Recent legislative changes include mandated choice of superannuation fund and increased disclosure requirements. Regulators have also flagged the need for increased corporate governance among superannuation funds. This project assesses the impact of these developments through an assessment of competition, performance and accountability within the superannuation industry. Monitoring the industry in this way will strongly contribute to the financial and economic health of Australians in retirement.

Here in Australia, an ARC grant is almost as good as a top-tier journal hit. The project proposal was submitted way back in January or February. Now we have to go back and remember what we promised to do so we can start on the research next January (when the funding becomes available).

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